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Employment Lawyer’s Group is a leading law firm that handles sexual harassment and employment law cases for clients who are located in Los Angeles, California and surrounding areas. Employment Lawyer’s Group represents employees who have been subjected to discrimination, sexual harassment, and other forms of offensive harassment at the hands of their bosses, supervisors, managers, or co-workers.

At Employment Lawyer’s Group, we believe that our clients should be able to work in a fair environment without having to tolerate unjust treatment from the people they work with each day. When clients seek counsel from our Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers, we do everything we can to get involved immediately, and to help them put a stop to the discrimination and/or harassment they have been wrongly subjected to. We are aggressive litigators who will always put our clients’ needs, rights, and well-being first.

L.A. Sexual Harassment & Sexual Discrimination Attorneys

According to both local and state Civil Rights Law, it is illegal for any form of harassment to occur in the workplace. This means that it is illegal to discriminate against a person based upon his/her sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, ethnicity, or disability. When a person harasses or discriminates against an employee, he/she is directly violating that employee’s rights, and that behavior should never be tolerated or allowed in any work environment.

It is unlawful to make sexual advances or to verbally and/or physically harass a person in a work environment. All too often, both men and women are subjected to suggestive verbal interaction or unwanted touching, which is not only degrading, but also intimidating. These behaviors are forms of sexual harassment, which can cause an employee a great amount of distress if he/she is unable to put a stop the behavior. Even if the employee reports the behavior to upper management and human resources, the harassment can continue or get worse if not dealt with appropriately. This is why it is usually a wise idea for employees to consult with a qualified Los Angeles Employment Law attorney after they have been harassed or discriminated against.

Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Employment Lawyer’s Group is comprised of professional, hard-working sexual harassment attorneys who have years of Employment Law practice experience and trial experience. At Employment Lawyer’s Group, our attorneys are tenacious litigators who do not settle for mediocre results. We always place immense effort into every Los Angeles sexual harassment case that we undertake.

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